Cardan beschermer R1250GS GSA R1200 LC (Code: AA.02.01714.001.013:I3-6)


Versnellingsbak- en  Protector R1250** R1200 LC past dus op elke cardan van een watergekoelde boxer!


This sturdy guards designed and produced by us in addition to being built with quality materials, allows for complete protection of the lower cardan New coloring in silver and matte black gives the R1200GS/ADV LC a particularly elegant and at the same time bold and sporty. Protection is full of anti-vibration mounts, mounting bracket and stainless steel screws.

Cardanbeschermer alle R1250** en R1200 LC blokken,  beschermt cardan en cardanhuis


Structure: Peralluman 5 mm.

Instructions: Clear instructions in Italian with photos.

Fabrikant: TWALCOM
Oude prijs: € 88,95
Prijs: € 75,00
Bezorg tijd: 3-5 werkdagen
Toepassing: Protectors
Voor BMW Motortypes:
BMW R1200 serie: R1200 GS LC 2013-2016, R1200 GSA LC 2013-2016, R1200 GS 2017-2018, R1200 GSA 2017-2018, R1200 GSA Rallye 2017-2018
Aantal in voorraad: 1
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